The B-115/H series starship from Azimuth Industries is a speedy medium-sized freighter, a popular choice for shipping fleets throughout known space. It is typically used to carry perishables and other time-sensitive cargo, propelled by four powerful thrusters. It's a flexible vessel that could be suitable for a group of space adventurers needing a mobile base of operations, a commercial trader, a sector patrol craft, or a pirate ship.

This map kit gives you an instant starship floor plan for your science fiction RPG adventures. This kit is setting-agnostic and systemless, so it should be easy to adapt these materials to just about any science fiction RPG.

The maps are offered in a simple and clear format that's easy on your home printer and ready to be marked up with pen and pencil as a tactical battle map, or loaded into your favorite graphics app for editing. Colorful blueprint-style JPGs are also included as a bonus.

You won't find any room furnishings on these maps. You and your players are left to define those details. But to make sure you have plenty of inspiration, this kit includes a PDF document containing brief decriptions of the labeled areas.

These maps are set up with a square 1/4" grid, just like ordinary graph paper. The map scale is 1/4 inch (0.25", or roughly 65mm) equals 2 meters (roughly 5 feet). For tabletop gaming purposes, 1 human-sized character occupies 1 square.

This kit includes a printer-friendly 3-page PDF containing brief descriptions of areas labeled on the maps. Ultimately, it's up to you and your players to determine the details, but this booklet should give you lots of ideas without slowing down the action.

JPG, PNG, and PSD files are included. All files are 300dpi, bitmap, RGB.

Several sets of JPG files are included, offering printer-friendly black-and-white maps, and a blue-on-blue and amber schematic sets, and text-free versions so you can label the compartments however you like.

This map kit includes PNG files with transparent backgrounds, so you can easily place these map graphics over your favorite backgrounds.

To make it even easier to modify these maps for personal use, you'll find all of them in PSD format with the text, doors, walls and grid separated into their own layers.

David Graffam 2020