Rake's Corner Map

This large printable map is a beautiful surface for building the seedy side of a medieval town, Victorian neighborhood or steampunk metropolis. It's easy to print in one piece at your local shop, or in sections on your desktop printer. An optional 1-inch grid is included, and this map is tileable in the sense that you can choose any section and it will "wrap" around to the opposite side. That means you can start with any section you like and expand it from there, and with a little bit of planning it's possible get several unique 36"x36" maps from this one kit.

  • PDF: 48"x80" full map
  • PDF: 48"x80" full map with 1 inch grid
  • PDF: Map divided into 56 sections for A4 paper
  • PDF: Map divided into 56 sections with 1 inch grid for A4 paper
  • PDF: Map divided into 56 sections for US letter (8.5"x11") paper
  • PDF: Map divided into 56 sections with 1 inch grid for US letter (8.5"x11") paper
  • PDF/JPG: Section guides showing each of the 56 numbered sections for easy reference, as well as a visual guide to the tiling

Software Requirements

You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use these files.


The full map is 48x80 inches / 122x203cm. You can print off individual sections as well, fitted onto both A4 and US letter size sheets for your convenience. (The optional grid is set up as 1 inch squares, and is perfectly suited for RPGs and wargames that use a 1 inch = 5 foot scale (28mm/30mm), and you can always adjust the printed size to virtually any gaming scale).

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