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This download includes a 36" x 36" starfield battle mat graphic. It's the perfect background for any starfighter battle.

Five different mat designs are included. Each has a different color scheme for its nebula, and four of the five mats feature a unique glowing tactical overlay (rays, frame, and/or central circle). One mat has no tactical overlay at all.

Virtually any graphics program will open a TIF if you want to add graphics or make other changes for personal use, and this is a universal file format so any print shop should be able to print directly from this file. This product is designed for large format printing with no hassle, and should be suitable for vinyl banners and other weather-resistant materials.

The artwork resolution is 300dpi for sharp detail, and to hold brightness and color. For your printing convenience, each mat is also offered in 200dpi, 150dpi and 100dpi.

The full mat graphics measure 36" x 36".

David Graffam 2020