This is a 24x36 inch battle mat for your tabletop games, featuring a well-used portion of a spaceport's landing area. It includes two large landing pads, four small landing areas, two large storage bays, a few smaller storage bays, and lots of little details and grime. It's designed to provide a colorful flooring for your skirmishes without drawing too much attention away from your miniatures.

The mat is divided into 1" squares, making it perfect for 28mm-30mm scale games.

This mat is offered as a 300dpi JPG file.

The full game mat measures 24.5 x 36.5 inches, which includes a 0.25" bleed on each side.

Here's a look at the full mat:

Here's a closer look at a few select portions of the mat:

David Graffam 2020