You're cleared for landing, but will you survive the bounty hunters that await you in the docking bay? This 48x48 inch battle mat is designed to be the perfect foundation for your science fiction skirmishes, offering lots of surface details while letting your miniatures and terrain pieces get plenty of attention. And this mat is good for more than just spaceports. The well-worn deck plating and landing pads can serve just as well as industrial work spaces and other futuristic locations.

This mat is presented as a 150dpi JPG file.

The full game mat measures 49 x 49 inches, which includes a generous 0.5" bleed on each side.

Here's a look at the full mat:

You'll find two additional variations of the battle mat, angled to the left and right.

Here are closer looks at some select portions of the mat:

The squared-up version of the battle mat also doubles as a 36x36 play area with a clearly delineated boundary:

David Graffam 2022