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Fantasy Football Pitch #7

This print-and-play fantasy football pitch is compatible with the 'Sevens' variant of Blood Bowl. Whether you're a league organizer looking for an easy and affordable way to produce lots of pitches for your club members, or a coach looking for a unique playing surface for your team, this set has something for you.

Single Layered PDFs

This set includes several prepared versions of the full-sized pitch in JPG format at 300dpi resolution, giving you a variety of endzone colors, markings, and gory details that are ready to print on a large format printer. Also included are PDF files at 200dpi that break up the prepared pitches into 8 letter-sized (8.5" x 11") tiles, which can also be printed onto A4 sheets (for best results, turn off any "fit to page" print settings). These PDF files are ready to print.

Multi Layered PDFs

This set features multi-layered PDFs that give you the power to add or hide some optional graphics layers. It includes a layered PDF for the full-size 18" x 30" map.

You'll also find a customizable layered PDF at 200dpi that breaks up this pitch into 8 letter-sized (8.5" x 11") tiles, which can also be printed on A4 sheets.

Layered PDFs should be adjusted in your PDF reader before printing.

Software Requirements

To use the layered PDFs, the free program Adobe Reader is recommended.


When printed at 100% original size, each square is roughly 34mm to a side. The full pitch measures 18" x 30" which includes a narrow white border. The printed area is 17.5" x 29.5".

David Graffam 2022